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Keeping you on track.

Mobile Wheel Turning.

Mobile wheel truing is a process used to put a new profile back into the railroad wheel set weather it be locomotive (AC or DC),railcar, passenger service or maintenance of way equipment. We have never met a wheel-set that we could not re-profile.

This process will remove any and all defects in the wheel-set caused by sliding, spinning and normal wear of the wheel-set.

Any profile of the wheel set can be cut using the proper profile gage such as AAR, european, passenger and Amtrak.

With our proprietary self propelled system Idler and AC locomotive wheel-sets can be re-profiled with out removal of the wheel-set from the equipment or car.

Being a mobile process we will arrive at your facility, siding or lead to perform this process to your equipment. We provide any and all equipment and tools to perform this process. 

See for Yourself: We have never met a wheel-set that we could not re-profile.

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